Becka Wall – @beckawall

Hillary Clinton was on the campaign trail last week and stopped at an ice cream shop to talk to the owner about his experience running a business and, you know, eat ice cream. As she dug into an AMAZING looking ice cream sundae, one reporter yelled, “Do you know the calorie count?”

Hillary’s response was 🔥:


Hillary Clinton is a former Secretary of State and two-term congresswoman from the state of New York. She is a former first lady of both the United States and Arkansas, and has a long and fascinating legal career.


Did they ask John Kasich how many calories was in the smorgasboard he ate while touring the state?

Did they ask Ted Cruz how many calories were in the 100 cans of cream of mushroom soup he bought his wife when they got married?

Or ask Donald Trump how many calories are in his wine and steak he’s constantly selling (even at press conferences)?

Spoiler alert: nope.

This is sexism at its finest. If a woman is in the public eye, we scrutinize every aspect of her public image – making her nervous to eat in public because she may have to face demands of an exact calorie count.

Hillary has faced endless scrutiny during this election cycle over her haircuts, her outfits, her voice and smile. This kind of microscope of public attention is why women are hesitant to run for office.

No matter how you feel about Hillary Clinton’s politics – for the love of all that is tasty, let the woman enjoy an afternoon treat (and dress how she wants and smile when she wants and get a haircut from her favorite salon, for that matter).