By Lauren Linhard –

Halloween is my favorite holiday – which is kind of weird considering I don’t eat that much candy, scream like a small child at horror films and am known for violent responses when things jump at me in haunted houses.

But you know what I do love? Dressing up! I’ve been sexy, I’ve been scary, I’ve been mysterious and I’ve been mistaken as an asylum inmate when actually I was shaking silently in the corner from a sugar headache.

I love Halloween because you can be whatever you want to be. So how about making a statement this Halloween? That’s right, it’s the year of empowered women. BOOM.

Rosie the Riveter

hall= becka

Can you say #classic? You can’t say no to this iconic image of feminism that first brought women into the workplace and has since continued to inspire us to strive for more.

What you need: Blue shirt, blue jeans, red bandanna and some sass.



No I am not Batgirl – I am Batman. And that is my Robin. So stop asking me if I am Batgirl! Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you have to dress like a woman. Thanks to sexism in comics (that’s a whole other rant), superhero women tend to be pretty lame and nothing but eye candy. Breakdown the gender roles and claim your favorite superhero as your own.

What you need: Black leggings, superhero shirt, mini cape and some $3 underwear on sale at WalMart.



This particular costume is near and dear to our hearts here at Moxie, as the title of our magazine was a term used in the 1920s to indicate a woman who had courage, confidence and determination. The 20s was a time when women began to embrace their sexual natures and dance it out at jazz clubs. Sounds like a pretty good Halloween night to me.

What you need: Fringe dress, big pearl necklace, sequin headband with feather and fabulous shoes.

Literary Character

There have been a plethora of strong female characters gracing book shelves recently, such as Claire Randall from the “Outlander” series as depicted here. Pick a woman who really resonates with you, stands for the same values and rocks the plot a littler harder than most.

What you need: A book and a little imagination.

Badass Woman on TV


Buffy and Faith are two of the best badass feminist TV characters to come out of the 90s. They never apologized for their strength and were the first out there kicking ass to keep the world safe. Find your inner TV star and rock the look this Halloween.     

What you need: Netflix, clearly. For this look go for red pants or miniskirt, boots, black tank top, leather jacket, a few pointy sticks and a cross to keep the undead at bay.