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Beyond The Ceiling is the Podcast You Didn’t Know You Needed

by Becka Wall | @beckawall

“This is the story of the amazing women around the world who are making the world a better place.”

So begins the first episode of the new podcast Beyond The Ceiling, from Christy Carter, Claire Gould and Katie Breslin. Continue reading “Beyond The Ceiling is the Podcast You Didn’t Know You Needed”

My Ridiculously Honest Weight Loss Diary

By Lauren Linhard –

I have been on a diet my entire life – my mom loves telling me how I used to steal her Jenny Craig burgers as a kid. I tried at least four varieties of Weight Watchers through middle and high school, intermingled with personal starvation attempts (lots of  fasting and juice cleanses) in college. Continue reading “My Ridiculously Honest Weight Loss Diary”

Confidence is More than Skin Deep

By Lauren Linhard –

“It’s like a little secret,” said Crop Salon Owner Jenn Jensen. “Nobody might notice, but you do, and that makes all the difference.”

What’s that secret something Jensen is referring to? Confidence –and learning how to strengthen it by taking a little time for yourself. Continue reading “Confidence is More than Skin Deep”

Women Business Owners to Rock Out 2016

By Lauren Linhard  –

The idea of working for yourself may sound glamorous, but there needs to be something stronger behind the decision than that to make it stick, said Lara Custer, owner of Barrevolution in Timonium, MD.

There has to be a stronger motivation, more personal “whys,” that push you to work 60-hour weeks, build a responsible staff, develop a digital presence and sink everything you have into a dream, she said. Continue reading “Women Business Owners to Rock Out 2016”

On Being Alone

Rebecca Cohen | New York, NY

Here’s the deal – I can be fun. I have friends. I can dress myself up for a night out with the best of ‘em. When I venture out into the world, I have a good time, for the most part. But when push comes to shove, I would more often prefer to spend my time alone.
Continue reading “On Being Alone”

Smelling like Fish and Living the Dream

By Lauren Linhard –

Karen Schilling looked over her shoulder at the kids crowding around the dolphin pool and smiled.

She used to be one of those elementary students, oohing and aahing at the dolphins, asking how she could grow-up to be a trainer. Fast forward 20-some years later, and here she is – fielding questions about her dream job as a marine mammal aide at the National Aquarium and throwing smelly jelly cubes into the dolphin tank. Continue reading “Smelling like Fish and Living the Dream”

Star Wars: The Feminist Fandom Force Awakens

By Ashley Joyce – Washington, DC

NOTE: This article includes spoilers for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

On a lazy Sunday in 2011, a diverse group convened at my friends’ apartment for a “Star Wars” movie marathon. I arrived toward the end of “A New Hope,” wearing an “Empire Strikes Back” t-shirt I purchased on a whim at H&M. After putting my beer in the fridge, I started meeting some of the new faces in attendance. One guy – let’s call him Brian – shook my hand, and said, in a tone of awe and disbelief, “I’ve never met a girl who liked ‘Star Wars’ before.” It was an innocent comment, but it was so patently ridiculous the room erupted in embarrassed laughter. Continue reading “Star Wars: The Feminist Fandom Force Awakens”

Combating the Greek Life Stereotype

By Jamie Schafer – White Hall, MD

I’m a sorority girl. I joined Phi Sigma Sigma in October 2010 as a freshman. And, like many others, I have faced questions and stereotypes about greek life from everyone I meet.  Today I would like to address some of my favorite (read: most annoying) B.S. ever spewed. Continue reading “Combating the Greek Life Stereotype”

Paying My Way For That GPA

By Colette Boan -Towaco, NJ

Picture this: A college freshman with the car packed and ready to go on dorm move-in day. She gets to the school, eagerly awaiting to learn which dorm is hers and to start unpacking all the new dorm accessories she bought. Once she goes to check-in, she finds out she can’t move in because she’s not paid in full for tuition. There is only one thing left to do… drive back home and cry the whole way there. Continue reading “Paying My Way For That GPA”

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