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Getting an IUD (Might) Hurt

By Ashley Joyce – Washington, DC

I was lying on my couch, clutching a heating pad and trying to focus on anything other than the pain radiating from my uterus, when I stumbled upon an article that perfectly encapsulated my misery. Continue reading “Getting an IUD (Might) Hurt”

I Want to be a Trophy Wife

By Jamie Schafer – White Hall, MD

I, Jamie Schafer, with a bachelor’s of science in communication and an urge to get my masters, want to be a trophy wife. I never felt this way until, ironically, I starting working full time. Let me explain. Continue reading “I Want to be a Trophy Wife”

What you can learn from Courtesan Veronica Franco

By Aubri Berberich – Monkton, MD

Films tend to romanticize female empowerment as autonomy. This can be seen in “Dangerous Beauty”, a drama based on the life of venetian courtesan Veronica Franco.  Was Veronica Franco ahead of her time? Not really. Was she an extraordinary woman? Yes – She was honest in a world where honesty was discouraged. Continue reading “What you can learn from Courtesan Veronica Franco”

I’m Never Coming Out

By Kylea Wright – Baltimore, MD

A lot of my friends in high school were lesbians. None of them were out at that point, and the  “dating” that went on was pretty much a high school version of playing house. I wasn’t anywhere close to fully realizing my sexual identity at that point, but it put me in the mindset that no matter what sexual identity I had, it was not a big deal. I left high school absolutely unconcerned with the fact that I sometimes like liked other girls. Continue reading “I’m Never Coming Out”

Why Giving My Heart to an Asshole is the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

Emma Wall – Washington, DC

Everyone has probably dated an asshole – often because they have issues with self confidence or because they are feeling rebellious.  I fall victim to this about 97 percent of the time, so trust me, I get it. Most of the time, you’re able to realize someone’s a douche before getting too emotionally invested.

But then there’s that small margin of  error when you fall “in like” before you’re able to have the “they’re a douche” revelation. Continue reading “Why Giving My Heart to an Asshole is the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made”

Cyberstalking is Real, and it’s Not Okay

By Laura Steel – @auralaurasteel

As a woman living in New York City, my movements through my day-to-day life tend to be catalyzed by a combination of skepticism, trepidation, annoyance and amusement. Thanks to feminist activists and new-age media; my discomfort with catcalling; intolerance for sexual-harassment opportunists on packed subways; and the general ickiness associated with the implicit sex-for-dinner contract are all coming to the forefront as legitimate, institutionalized problems. Continue reading “Cyberstalking is Real, and it’s Not Okay”

Sexual Fluidity and the Authentic Self

*A special National Coming Out Day post

By Aubri Berberich – Monkton, MD

Before Hollywood and social media recently took on “sexual fluidity,” it was a little known term. But now the talking heads have started pouncing us with questions: “Sexual Fluidity? That’s a thing?” or “Oh great, another PCTerm.” Continue reading “Sexual Fluidity and the Authentic Self”

The Waiting Game

By Kaitlyn Fitzgerald – Millers, MD

As a 26-year-old woman living with her boyfriend, in the house we bought together with our dog, I hear the question all the time:  “So, when are you guys getting engaged?!” The first couple times I found it awful, uncomfortable and incredibly awkward. By the 20th time, and after six years of dating, I found it easiest to just defer to the guy sitting next to me. Continue reading “The Waiting Game”

Fellow Online Dating Soldiers: You Deserve a Drink

By K Wright – Baltimore, MD

A year ago I moved to Baltimore and laid myself on the shrine of internet dating. Starting off in a new city, I had a list of self-improvement goals and things I wanted to learn about. On top of many of my lists was to have a healthy love life. I was hoping I could swipe my way right to a happy ending. Continue reading “Fellow Online Dating Soldiers: You Deserve a Drink”

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