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Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s marriage is none of our business

By Becka Wall – @beckawall

Anthony Weiner was caught in another sexting scandal, this time with a photo of his son sleeping next to him in bed while he had a (fully clothed) erection. His wife Huma Abedin released a statement: they are separating. This is not the first time Weiner’s wife found him dallying in digital trysts. Continue reading “Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s marriage is none of our business”

A Single’s Journey aka Starting Over is Hard as Crap

By Lauren Linhard –

I was recently approached at a party that consisted mostly of couples and asked if my husband was here. Nope, I replied. Oh, so you must be engaged. I flashed my hand, definitely not. God, I’m so sorry, your boyfriend? Nope, I don’t have one of those either.

With three of my friends married, two with families, one engaged, another living with her boyfriend, and another in a dedicated relationship, I stand alone in the world of singles – at the age of 27 – when I seriously thought I’d be in the middle of my own happily ever after. Continue reading “A Single’s Journey aka Starting Over is Hard as Crap”

I Love Being Afraid for My Safety Said #NoWomanEver

By Lauren Linhard –

I was walking through the mall one evening with my 19-year-old cousin, her little baby in tow, when a group of guys started yelling at us to try the new “Stuffed Animal Ride.” Our turndown of their offer was not taken well, regardless that they didn’t work there, and they decided verbal harassment was the best response. Continue reading “I Love Being Afraid for My Safety Said #NoWomanEver”

‘Lemonade’ is about much more than ‘Becky with the Good Hair’

Becka Wall – @beckawall

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Beyonce released her latest album, “Lemonade,” last week. The album has been acknowledged as one of her best and most powerful yet, and critics and activists alike have applauded her delving into what it means to be a black woman in 2016. Continue reading “‘Lemonade’ is about much more than ‘Becky with the Good Hair’”

A Year After ‘Three’s A Crowd’

By Jamie Schafer – White Hall, MD

One year ago today I didn’t know how I would ever recover. I had hit rock bottom and couldn’t  see a way out. The emotional pain behind the mind-f**k I was experiencing at the time was too much, and I couldn’t wrap my mind around any of it. The beauty is that, now,  here I am, a year later, and happier than I could have ever imagined. Continue reading “A Year After ‘Three’s A Crowd’”

Honey Do Me List

By Lauren Linhard –

Sex should be a toe-curling, back-arching, orgasmic good time. If not always, then almost always. But often it’s one of the first activities sacrificed when “life gets in the way.” This phrase, my friends, is the gateway drug to a monotonous, repetitive and, sometimes, totally forgotten sex life. Continue reading “Honey Do Me List”

Relationship Contracts are for More than Kink

By Ky’lea Wright – Baltimore, MD

With the rise of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and other “mommy porn” books, the idea of relationship contracts might not seem that crazy if you’re looking to add a little spice to your between-the-sheets life. However, for those of us who still walk on the vanilla side of the bedroom, a relationship contract might seem a little far fetched. Continue reading “Relationship Contracts are for More than Kink”

Grad Student Gets Schooled on Dating

By Alexa SLP to Be – Radnor, VA

While my boyfriend has already started rocking a self-sufficient lifestyle and 9-to-5 workday, I currently reside in the fiery quicksand of anguish, frustration and anxiety that I refer to as “graduate school.” Continue reading “Grad Student Gets Schooled on Dating”

My #BeforeIDie Bucket List

By Jamie Schafer – White Hall, MD

I was recently asked to create a bucket list. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s a list of things you want to do/see/accomplish before you “kick the bucket.” At first I was excited and giddy at the idea, but the more I thought about (or over thought) the ideas on my list, I started to panic. Continue reading “My #BeforeIDie Bucket List”

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