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Going the Distance

By Becky Yep – Philadelphia, PA

Four years ago, my boyfriend and I met in our college dining hall through mutual friends, and immediately bonded over our shared hatred of Tom Brady. It was a match made in hog heaven, where the hog was a pigskin and the pearly gates were the doors of our university cafeteria. Continue reading “Going the Distance”

Just to Clarify

By Lauren Linhard –

“Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?”

Chances are they don’t, and when we’re being bad communicators, it’s generally our fault. I mean, what is your poor significant other supposed to do when they  ask if something is wrong and you say, “No, I’m just tired,” but you mean, “I had the worst day ever, am doubting my abilities as a result and just want you to take the cuddle initiative to make me feel better. Oh, and wine, I want wine.” Continue reading “Just to Clarify”

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