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10 Awesome Posters from the March

5 Ways to Support the Women’s March from Afar

By Lauren Linhard –

Thousands of women are making plans across the U.S. to travel to D.C. on January 21 for the Women’s March on Washington. It’s a day for women of every background to come together with a bold message for the Trump Administration – women’s rights are human rights.

As incredible as the march is shaping up to be, not everyone has the means or availability to attend. But don’t worry! Here are five ways you can take action from home to support the Women’s March on Washington. Continue reading “5 Ways to Support the Women’s March from Afar”

Three Policies Bound for Change in Trump Administration

By Alexis Cheney – @akcheney

Now that Americans have elected a president who has sexually assaulted women, feminists are wondering one thing: How will Trump’s presidency impact women’s rights? Since Trump promised to amend the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which covers birth control for women, many women are rushing to the Gynecologist for IUDs. Are women right to worry that Trump’s election will impede their access to birth control? How – exactly – will Trump’s election impact women’s rights and how can you take stand? Continue reading “Three Policies Bound for Change in Trump Administration”

Men Step Up as Allies in Women’s Fight for Empowerment

By Elaina Moradi – Moxie Intern

“Grab my wrist,” Amanda Costopoulos, 20, said with excitement in her eyes. When her boyfriend grabs her, she moves so swiftly everyone in the room is left dumbfounded when he ends up being the one on the ground.

Costopoulos is one of many women who take self-defense classes at the Academy of the Holy Cross in Maryland.

“My grandpa was always the one who told me I had to take a self-defense class,” Costopoulos said. “He said I needed to be able to protect myself and be independent so I wouldn’t have to rely on anyone other than myself in bad situations.” Continue reading “Men Step Up as Allies in Women’s Fight for Empowerment”

Texas Law Requiring Burial of Fetus Remains Halted

By Elaina Moradi – Moxie Intern

Texas state government is waiting for approval of a new regulation that would require facilities which provide abortions to pay for the burial or cremation of fetal remains.

The new law  was almost passed earlier this month in Texas to “protect the dignity of the unborn,” while other states, including Arkansas, Louisiana and Indiana, have similar laws in place. Many argue such requirements are designed simply to make the abortion process harder that it already is for women. Continue reading “Texas Law Requiring Burial of Fetus Remains Halted”


By Lauren Linhard-

Donald Trump didn’t win the presidential election because the American people choose him – he lost by 2.36 million votes. He won because he got the right votes in the right states to procure the most votes from the electoral college on Dec. 19, the day the President is formally chosen.

That means there is still time, and some are making a last-ditch effort to prevent Trump from taking the oath of office. Continue reading “#NotMyPresident…Yet”

Harvard Ends Men’s Soccer Season for Sexual Misconduct

By Elaina Moradi – Moxie Intern

Harvard University cancelled the remaining games in the men’s soccer season after the discovery of a document in which the men’s team judged the women’s soccer members on their appearances.

The document, called “The Scouting Report,” assigned each woman a numerical rating, nickname and sexual position.The document was revealed by the “Harvard Crimson” and was immediately brought to the attention of major media outlets. Continue reading “Harvard Ends Men’s Soccer Season for Sexual Misconduct”

What Would Susan B. Anthony Say to Trump?

Kristen Webster – Rochester, NY

Despite having lived in Rochester for the past four years, I’ve never made a formal visit to the gravesite of Susan B. Anthony prior to November 8. That day marked the first election I voted in, and the first election in which America might elect its first female president. It seemed like the perfect time to honor the suffragette for her work nearly 100 years ago.

I wasn’t alone in my desire to thank Susan B. Anthony – hundreds of others gathered there to pay respects. In short, it was a beautiful event. People of all ages and genders formed a line nearly a mile long. My friend and I waited for more than an hour with our fellow feminists and believers in equal rights. Continue reading “What Would Susan B. Anthony Say to Trump?”


By Lauren Linhard –

Hard truth: I never thought of voting as a big deal – with so many potential flaws in the process I was personally convinced my vote wouldn’t count for anything. When my college roommate found out I wasn’t registered to vote, she forcibly ordered my absentee paperwork and sat with me while I filled it out. I vaguely remember voting for Obama in his first election, but can’t even remember if I voted his second term.

So, I was quite surprised at myself yesterday morning when, after spending the night before researching my local representatives, I was one of the first voters in line. I brought a book in case of a long wait, which there was; I was prepared for hecklers, which there wasn’t; and I was ready to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton, the first female presidential candidate in history. Continue reading “#ImStillWithHer”

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