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How to be an Ally in a Time of Fear

Nick Nelson – Alexandria, VA

For many of us, this has been a rough couple of weeks.The election didn’t go the way many of us expected, and even more of us had hoped. The decisions of the electoral college left many in fear, and the actions of some unfortunate folks in this country have left far too many people afraid for their lives and freedom to live as a member of their respective cultures.

As an upper-class, white cis male, I have to admit I’m coming out ahead in the bargain. However, because I was born with a conscience and raised with values, and because no one can ever be judged at face value, I’m terrified. Continue reading “How to be an Ally in a Time of Fear”

Stats Say Men Confuse Cold Shoulder for Invitation

By Elaina Moradi – Moxie Intern

Sporting a black tank top and jeans, college student Marissa Samilow heads out for a night at the bars with her friends. Like most college-town bars, the sticky floors and loud music set the scene for a typical night out.

“I wouldn’t say I come out to the bars to find a guy,” said Samilow, who said going out is her way of unwinding after a long week. “I like getting dressed up and having a fun time with my girlfriends.”

For the 21+ crowd like Samilow, the bar scene is a prime spot for socialization on the weekends between dancing (sometimes horribly) to the top 50, hanging out with friends or hoping to meet somebody new. Continue reading “Stats Say Men Confuse Cold Shoulder for Invitation”

What Would Susan B. Anthony Say to Trump?

Kristen Webster – Rochester, NY

Despite having lived in Rochester for the past four years, I’ve never made a formal visit to the gravesite of Susan B. Anthony prior to November 8. That day marked the first election I voted in, and the first election in which America might elect its first female president. It seemed like the perfect time to honor the suffragette for her work nearly 100 years ago.

I wasn’t alone in my desire to thank Susan B. Anthony – hundreds of others gathered there to pay respects. In short, it was a beautiful event. People of all ages and genders formed a line nearly a mile long. My friend and I waited for more than an hour with our fellow feminists and believers in equal rights. Continue reading “What Would Susan B. Anthony Say to Trump?”

Therapy: A Personal Maintenance Check

By Jamie Schafer – White Hall, MD

It’s hard to convey to someone why they need something, especially when it’s something that heals internally with difficult to see progress. Therapy has such a negative connotation as is, trying to convince someone it will help often falls on deaf ears before a point can even be made.

I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was a toddler – so for me, therapy is normal. It’s like going for an emotional check-up whenever I need it. Friend issues, anxiety, daddy drama, financial stressors, over-thinking and crazy-double-life ex-boyfriend are just some of the topics I’ve discussed. Continue reading “Therapy: A Personal Maintenance Check”

A Day in Her Shoes: A Look at Everyday Sexism

By Elaina Moradi – Moxie Intern

Weight Watchers Implies Overweight Women Don’t Enjoy Sex

By Elaina Moradi – Moxie Intern

Women are criticizing a new Weight Watchers campaign that suggests those who are overweight naturally hate their bodies and are too self-conscious to enjoy a satisfying sex life.

With the recent launch of the campaign, reporters received a light-up globe along with a short message from Weight Watchers: “Let’s be honest for a minute, sex is pretty damn fantastic. But if you’ve ever felt self-conscious in the sack you’re not alone – we’ve heard that more than half of women have avoided sex because they were worried about how they look. Continue reading “Weight Watchers Implies Overweight Women Don’t Enjoy Sex”

Singlehood’s Slums: An Exploratory Essay

Being single isn’t always easy. This week, we’re exploring the negative aspects of being single – and next week we’ll be celebrating the positive.

By Alexis Cheney – @Alexis-Cheney

You send him a text message and wait for the upward-lilting ding that will lift your spirits – the proof he takes interest in your life and wants to see you again. The proof he is attracted to you and, in-turn, that you may find yourself attractive. You wait. Wait. Wait. You delete his previous messages so the last one does not hang unanswered, mocking you. You glance at the screen. A few minutes later, you look again because you’re still holding onto the hope he will respond. Even after days and weeks of silence. Continue reading “Singlehood’s Slums: An Exploratory Essay”

Playlist: When the Patriarchy Has You Down

By Lauren Linhard –

If the only song that comes to mind when thinking of “Girl Power” music is the Spice Girls (no disrespect, everyone should spice up their lives), it’s time to expand your musical perspective. Moxie has compiled a list of 10 empowering feminist songs (plus a bonus track) to encourage you to rock the best you every day. Being a strong woman is hardcore in every genre. Continue reading “Playlist: When the Patriarchy Has You Down”

Documentary creates modern fairytale of real-world struggles

By Lauren Linhard –

Our favorite fairytale characters found their way into our hearts by overcoming evil queens, fighting dragons and outsmarting a big bad wolf. But what would “once upon a time” look like if such fantasy obstacles were replaced with challenges found in the real world?

Amateur film director Angie Kupper, 28, answers that question in her upcoming documentary “Finding Your Fairytale,” a film that tells the story of 13 modern-day fairytales and how they found their happily ever after. Continue reading “Documentary creates modern fairytale of real-world struggles”

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