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Video: Kansas Women Breaking Legal Barriers

Alisa Morse – Overland Park, KS

We all know that women kick ass. It’s just a fact. I grew up in a family full of women who defied societal norms and broke barriers. That example has spurred my desire to uplift the women in my life and eventually led me to embark on a long-term video project for the women of my home state, Kansas. Continue reading “Video: Kansas Women Breaking Legal Barriers”

Serena and the Power of Accidental Activism

Nick Nelson – Alexandria, VA

Coming into the Wimbledon tournament, stuck at 21 Grand Slam titles, people were asking if 34-year-old Serena Williams had already reached her peak. Lacing up her sneakers, grabbing her racket, taking a deep breath and walking out on the court, Williams was pitted against the world’s best tennis players and knew many though she would fail. They were wrong. Continue reading “Serena and the Power of Accidental Activism”

Photo Essay: Where Girls Grow Strong

By Lauren Linhard –

Everyone has heard the phrase, “You’re such a girl,” often used in a derogatory sense when someone is being overly emotional or is bad at sports. I, myself, have also heard a different version of that overdone saying – “You’re such a Girl Scout.”

My favorite response? Well yes, yes I am. And frankly, anyone who knows what it means to be a Girl Scout takes it as a compliment. Continue reading “Photo Essay: Where Girls Grow Strong”

Ellen Destroys “Pens for Women”

By Lauren Linhard –

There’s no better feeling than having the right tool for the job. And there is no better spokesperson than Ellen DeGeneres to thank Bic on behalf of women everywhere for the company’s newest creation.

Anne Hathaway Named UN Goodwill Ambassador

By Lauren Linhard –

New mom Anne Hathaway will soon be representing fellow mothers around the world as the newest global Goodwill Ambassador for U.N. Women. Her focus will be on the long list of injustices women and mothers face, including unpaid leave, wage gaps and workplace inequality. Continue reading “Anne Hathaway Named UN Goodwill Ambassador”

Agency CEO Says ‘We Are #WomenNotObjects’

By Lauren Linhard  –

Madonna Badger took the stage at the Cannes advertising festival on June 20 with one goal in mind: convincing the movers and shakers of the advertising industry to stop objectifying women.

As co-founder of Badger & Winters, a New York based ad agency, Badger took a stand in January of 2016 to never create an ad that uses women as props or objectifies them. She is determined to spread this philosophy of responsible advertising to the rest of the industry. Continue reading “Agency CEO Says ‘We Are #WomenNotObjects’”

Occupation? Professional Student

By Elizabeth Paal, CFP®, CRPC®

After 12 years of grade school, followed by four years of college, you are voluntarily going to graduate school? Maybe you want to advance in your current job, or think grad school is the ticket to your dream job. Regardless, once people make the decision to go back to school, the question arises – how can I afford this?  Continue reading “Occupation? Professional Student”

6 Podcasts to Help with your Morning Commute

Becka Wall | @beckawall

The morning commute is quite possibly the worst time of day. You have to wake up early, leave bed, get dressed and then it takes 30 to 45 minutes to get to work. Blech.

Never fear – these killer podcasts are here to make your morning commute waaay better.  Continue reading “6 Podcasts to Help with your Morning Commute”

Women Belong in the Home…Depot

By Lauren Linhard –

Home Depot – a place that once brought fear to my heart – has recently been added to my “bitches, I got this” list. Sure, I made a chart of everything I needed and checked online what aisles I could find stuff in, but I was driven to succeed without help from a man.

Single for the first time in seven years, and preparing to move out on my own, this was a personal step I was determined to take solo – my female empowerment moment. And after a slightly stressful hour of navigating a cart much bigger than I and wondering if maybe there just isn’t an aisle 43, I found everything I needed to make my own coffee table.

The harrowing experience, and slight adrenaline rush afterwards, got me thinking about the other brave women out there taking on the male sphere. Continue reading “Women Belong in the Home…Depot”

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