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Making Friends Is Easy (Until It’s Not)

Taylor Kuether – @taylorkuether

Making friends is easy…until it’s not. From preschool through undergrad, friends are all but guaranteed. Social circles crop up and envelop you in seamlessly.

Potential new friends are everywhere: raising a hand next to you in class, playing sports with you, attending the same club meetings, singing behind you in choir. You’re all the same age, you all eat in the same cafeteria and, hey, you’ve got one more thing in common – you go to the same college.

Postgrad, is a little different. Continue reading “Making Friends Is Easy (Until It’s Not)”

3 Easy Steps to Host A Feminist Movie Night

Becka Wall | @beckawall

Ah, winter. The season for ice skating, snowball fights …. and “Netflix and Chill.” What could be better than inviting over some of your favorite feminists and spending a few hours cuddled up with snacks, movies and feminist theory. Continue reading “3 Easy Steps to Host A Feminist Movie Night”

My #BeforeIDie Bucket List

By Jamie Schafer – White Hall, MD

I was recently asked to create a bucket list. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s a list of things you want to do/see/accomplish before you “kick the bucket.” At first I was excited and giddy at the idea, but the more I thought about (or over thought) the ideas on my list, I started to panic. Continue reading “My #BeforeIDie Bucket List”

Improved New Year’s Resolutions

Becka Wall – @beckawall

Every January, I brace myself for all the messages of body-shaming and demands that my only desire for 2016 be to lose weight.

Making a vow to better ourselves in the new year doesn’t have to involve weight – I promise! Here are five resolutions you can make that have nothing to do with changing your body: Continue reading “Improved New Year’s Resolutions”

Combating the Greek Life Stereotype

By Jamie Schafer – White Hall, MD

I’m a sorority girl. I joined Phi Sigma Sigma in October 2010 as a freshman. And, like many others, I have faced questions and stereotypes about greek life from everyone I meet.  Today I would like to address some of my favorite (read: most annoying) B.S. ever spewed. Continue reading “Combating the Greek Life Stereotype”

Tis the Season to Feel a Little Down

Kylea Wright – Baltimore, MD

The holiday season can feel overwhelming and exhausting. Maybe it’s an expectation vs. reality thing, maybe it’s having everything not feel exactly right, maybe it’s a weird version of FOMO (fear of missing out) and believing somewhere out there is a bunch of people having the holiday party of your dreams. When the holidays are finally over, we feel like swimmers returning to the surface for air. If you find yourself feeling a little downbeat around the holidays, I have a list for you (and I checked it twice)! Continue reading “Tis the Season to Feel a Little Down”

Tis the Season of Giving…How to Financially Survive the Holiday Season

By Elizabeth Paal, CFP – Lincoln Financial Advisory Corporation

My beloved fall season is coming to an end with the last leaf about to drop. Soon it will be a time of mistletoe, tacky sweater parties, eggnog, tree trimming and SPENDING – lots and lots of spending. How does one navigate through this consumer-driven holiday and come out in without being in the negative? Continue reading “Tis the Season of Giving…How to Financially Survive the Holiday Season”

Girl Scouts – The Secret Badasses of the World

By Lauren Linhard –

Just like the rest of you, I am spending today overdosing on Kitkats and Milkyways, M&Ms and Twix bars. But for me, October 31 is about more than Halloween – it’s also Girl Scout Founder’s Day. What does that mean? That you’re supposed to add Tagalongs and Samoas to your Halloween diet.
Continue reading “Girl Scouts – The Secret Badasses of the World”

‘May Your Glass Be Ever Full’ and Other Lessons from Irish Weekend

By Lauren Linhard –

I have become a bit of a “party girl.” What began as a way of coping with the rollercoaster of  emotions that come from being single for the first time in seven years has now leveled out into an excellent time letting loose with people I care about.

That’s not to say I’ve totally gotten my bearings or found my niche in the single world. I’m pretty much learning something new about myself everyday – what I’m comfortable with, how to assert myself, what my alcohol tolerance level is before I start dancing to showtunes.  Continue reading “‘May Your Glass Be Ever Full’ and Other Lessons from Irish Weekend”

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