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Get your “She Persisted” Sticker!

On Tuesday night, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unwittingly gave the feminist movement a new battle cry when he tried to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor, who was protesting Jeff Sessions’ nomination to fill the position of Attorney General. “She was warned. She was given an explanation,” he said. “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

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Hear ‘Em Ring: Voices of the Women’s March

By Alexis Cheney – @akcheney

The march may be over, but the messages which rang throughout the country on January 21 continue to reverberate, expressing the pain of racism and the violation of human rights. Even more though, we still hear the hope that these voices hold the power to shatter oppression.

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Moxie Cofounder Featured on Not Another Millennial Blog

Our own cofounder, Becka Wall, shared her experience at the Women’s March on Washington with Not Another Millennial Blog. Check out what she had to say here.


10 Awesome Posters from the March

5 Ways to Support the Women’s March from Afar

By Lauren Linhard –

Thousands of women are making plans across the U.S. to travel to D.C. on January 21 for the Women’s March on Washington. It’s a day for women of every background to come together with a bold message for the Trump Administration – women’s rights are human rights.

As incredible as the march is shaping up to be, not everyone has the means or availability to attend. But don’t worry! Here are five ways you can take action from home to support the Women’s March on Washington. Continue reading “5 Ways to Support the Women’s March from Afar”

Will the Real Rosie Please Stand Up?

By Lauren Linhard –

Rosie the Riveter is one of the most prominent images representing the women’s right’s movement throughout history. Originally designed as a poster to encourage women to join the workforce during World War II, Rosie has continued to inspire the “We Can Do It” attitude for generations as women fight for equality.

But who is Rosie? And where exactly did that iconic polka dot bandanna come from? Continue reading “Will the Real Rosie Please Stand Up?”

Three Policies Bound for Change in Trump Administration

By Alexis Cheney – @akcheney

Now that Americans have elected a president who has sexually assaulted women, feminists are wondering one thing: How will Trump’s presidency impact women’s rights? Since Trump promised to amend the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which covers birth control for women, many women are rushing to the Gynecologist for IUDs. Are women right to worry that Trump’s election will impede their access to birth control? How – exactly – will Trump’s election impact women’s rights and how can you take stand? Continue reading “Three Policies Bound for Change in Trump Administration”

Texas Law Requiring Burial of Fetus Remains Halted

By Elaina Moradi – Moxie Intern

Texas state government is waiting for approval of a new regulation that would require facilities which provide abortions to pay for the burial or cremation of fetal remains.

The new law  was almost passed earlier this month in Texas to “protect the dignity of the unborn,” while other states, including Arkansas, Louisiana and Indiana, have similar laws in place. Many argue such requirements are designed simply to make the abortion process harder that it already is for women. Continue reading “Texas Law Requiring Burial of Fetus Remains Halted”

‘Good Girls Revolt’ Reflects Every Feminist

By Lauren Linhard –

The fight for gender equality wasn’t triggered by one person or one story. It gained strength over time as women of different backgrounds and experiences came together around the same goal – to demand the same opportunities men have.

“Good Girls Revolt,” a new series from Amazon about the female employees of a national magazine in the late 1960s, stays true to the diverse history of stories that grew the women’s movement into the continuing force it is now. Continue reading “‘Good Girls Revolt’ Reflects Every Feminist”

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