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What 20-Somethings Really Want for the Holidays

By Lauren Linhard –

There are generally two types of 20-somethings you are buying for this holiday season – those who have enough money to buy things as they want or need them, or those buried under debt and have no use for another pair of socks or movie poster.

How do you, as the gift-giver, ride that thin line between something your loved one will like, but doesn’t need, and something they need, but won’t like? Continue reading “What 20-Somethings Really Want for the Holidays”

Daddy Issues

By Jamie Schaefer – White Hall, MD

I’ve got what people like to call “daddy issues.” Only  I wouldn’t call my situation an “issue” because my biological father is right where I want him – out of my life. Continue reading “Daddy Issues”

Tis the Season of Giving…How to Financially Survive the Holiday Season

By Elizabeth Paal, CFP – Lincoln Financial Advisory Corporation

My beloved fall season is coming to an end with the last leaf about to drop. Soon it will be a time of mistletoe, tacky sweater parties, eggnog, tree trimming and SPENDING – lots and lots of spending. How does one navigate through this consumer-driven holiday and come out in without being in the negative? Continue reading “Tis the Season of Giving…How to Financially Survive the Holiday Season”

‘Supergirl’ packs feminist punch in series premier

By Samantha Madison – Alexandria, VA

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for the first episode of “Supergirl.”

At first glance, one might think the new CBS series “Supergirl,” which premiered Monday night, is one of those shows that feign feminism just to please the hoards of women looking for a female role model.

But that’s not what CBS has given viewers. “Supergirl” is  good, if not a little cheesy, and packs in numerous one-liners that prove the show’s writers are all about equality and empowerment. In fact, there are almost too many lines shoved into the first episode pointing out Supergirl is female and capable of kicking bad guy ass. Continue reading “‘Supergirl’ packs feminist punch in series premier”

Farm to Table Apple Pie

*Special post for International Day of Rural Women

By Kaitlyn Fitzgerald – Millers, MD

I am fortunate enough to live across from my boyfriend’s 100-acre family farm. They farm recreationally, alternating between planting corn, soybeans and occasionally sunflowers. The crops are sold mostly for money, but also to attract and feed the local wildlife, including deer and turkey. But the farm doesn’t stop there – It also has a 40-year-old orchard. Continue reading “Farm to Table Apple Pie”

‘May Your Glass Be Ever Full’ and Other Lessons from Irish Weekend

By Lauren Linhard –

I have become a bit of a “party girl.” What began as a way of coping with the rollercoaster of  emotions that come from being single for the first time in seven years has now leveled out into an excellent time letting loose with people I care about.

That’s not to say I’ve totally gotten my bearings or found my niche in the single world. I’m pretty much learning something new about myself everyday – what I’m comfortable with, how to assert myself, what my alcohol tolerance level is before I start dancing to showtunes.  Continue reading “‘May Your Glass Be Ever Full’ and Other Lessons from Irish Weekend”

When East Meets West

By Becky Yep – Philadelphia, PA

I come from a family with a foot on two continents. I was born and raised in the U.S., and grew up on Spongebob, Rugrats, Barbies and Pokémon like most other kids my age, but I’m actually a first-generation American. Continue reading “When East Meets West”

Divorced at 25

By Anne Casey @anne_hottes

It’s alright to get a divorce. Let me say that again. IT’S OKAY!

Not only is it okay, but it’s probably for the best! I got married after I had just turned 22. He proposed at our baby shower, in front of about 65 of our friends and family. In my defense, if you put a very pretty diamond ring in front of a very pregnant woman in a room filled with everyone she loves, you’re basically guaranteed a yes. And that’s exactly what he got. Continue reading “Divorced at 25”

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