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Your friend just came out. What do you do now?

Aidan Kircheim is the Co-Vice President of PFLAG Long Island. He can be reached via email at, and you can read his blog here:

The first lesson that I taught my parents was how to accept a child who was different. Assigned female at birth, I was expected to do certain things as I was growing up. I was expected to wear certain clothes, play with certain toys, and act a certain way. However, I was the youngest of three and wanted nothing more than to be just like my older brothers. It wasn’t until years later that I learned just how much that was true. I spent my early years as a tomboy, and slowly but surely I was overtaken with depression.

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Live Like Jane Fonda

By Alexis Cheney – @akcheney

When millennials think of Jane Fonda they picture her leading a workout in spandex or playing the devilish mother in “Monster-in-Law.” But her legacy stretches beyond her fitness know-how and chick flick classics.

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6 Steps to Help Your Parents Plan for Their Golden Years

By Alexis Cheney – @akcheney

It was only when my dad called from a hospital bed after driving his mower off the ledge of his yard and onto a rocky ravine did I consider my parents — already 78 and 63 — will not live forever.

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The Myth that Keeps Women from Running for Office

By Mandy Dean – Washington, DC

2016: The year America determined explicit proof that someone is a misogynist is not a disqualifying factor to be Leader of the Free World.

Secretary Clinton possessed extensive knowledge of foreign diplomacy, domestic policy and drew from a record of life in public service. No one can refute Donald Trump’s opponent was a uniquely qualified presidential candidate.

But she was also not a man.

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What to Expect for Women’s Reproductive Health in 2017

By Alexis Cheney – @akcheney

In the first month of Donald Trump’s presidency, the ground has seemed to shake. Trump’s administration has smashed our civil and human rights to the ground, attempting to take women’s reproductive rights backwards instead of forwards. Let’s take a look at just how:

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Safe Bars Program Teaches Bartenders Sexual Harassment Intervention

By Mandy Dean – Washington, DC

You’re ready.

Your phone—charged. Your hair—straightened. Your outfit—on fleek. The DC bar scene ain’t ready for your shine tonight, girl. Meeting your college friend for drinks downtown is just what you need after a long week of office hustle.

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Women’s Wrestling To Make History Sunday

Nick Nelson – Alexandria, VA

Two things will occur this coming Sunday in professional wrestling that have never happened before. For the first time in wrestling history, two women, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair, will fight a “Hell in a Cell” match, headlining a major professional pay-per-view. Continue reading “Women’s Wrestling To Make History Sunday”

New Kid in the Cubicle: Reflections On Entering the Wonky Workforce

By Alexis Cheney – @Alexis-Cheney

I started my first full-time job as a paralegal in the Department of Justice a little more than two months ago. After graduating from college, I spent months anticipating the monumental debut of my professional career. What exact projects would I work on? Who would be my colleagues? What would my office look like? A host of unknowns flickered vaguely in the distance until they blinded me when I walked through the office door on my first day. Continue reading “New Kid in the Cubicle: Reflections On Entering the Wonky Workforce”

Gun Ownership Increases Among Women

By Elaina Moradi – Moxie Intern

More women are turning to the use of firearms for self-defense and the safety of their families in and out of the home. In the past five years, 18 percent of women have become more interested in gun ownership, resulting in 12 percent of women owning a gun and 32 percent of women living in a household with a gun.

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