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Make Student Loans Work for You

By Elizabeth Paal, CFP®, CRPC®

It’s fitting to continue the discussion of student loans this month as the federal aid loans reset interest rates for upcoming school years in July.  Did you know Americans owe approximately $1.3 trillion in student loan debt spread out among 43 million borrowers? If you’re one of those 43 million, did you know you may be able to deduct your student debt interest for tax purposes? Continue reading “Make Student Loans Work for You”

5 Things to Spend A Bit More Money On

Becka Wall – @beckawall

These days, you can find a cheap version of anything you might need. Which is a blessing, for those of us with low bank accounts – but when is buying cheap costing you more money in the long run? Is it better to have something that will last years and years? Continue reading “5 Things to Spend A Bit More Money On”

Occupation? Professional Student

By Elizabeth Paal, CFP®, CRPC®

After 12 years of grade school, followed by four years of college, you are voluntarily going to graduate school? Maybe you want to advance in your current job, or think grad school is the ticket to your dream job. Regardless, once people make the decision to go back to school, the question arises – how can I afford this?  Continue reading “Occupation? Professional Student”

To Buy or Not to Buy

By Elizabeth Paal, CFP®, CRPC®

Three years ago, I purchased my first home. It was a big step for me considering I was a single female living alone in downtown Baltimore, MD. Prior to purchasing, I rented in the same neighborhood for two years. While the decision to buy was the right one for me personally, it took a lot of number-crunching and serious thinking before making the commitment.

There’s no right answer when debating between renting and buying – it’s a personal decision with many factors that play a part in your final decision. Continue reading “To Buy or Not to Buy”

Birth Control for All…in Maryland

By Lauren Linhard –

Women of Maryland can now cross birth control off their monthly budget sheet thanks to the Contraceptive Equity Act, passed into law on May 10. The new legislation eliminates insurance co-pays for most birth control pills and methods as well as emergency contraception, like Plan B. Continue reading “Birth Control for All…in Maryland”

Six Steps to Reclaiming a Shitty Day

Becka Wall – @beckawall

I had a tough day today. Everything that could go wrong did, and I had a pile of neverending work on my desk. I left for home feeling irritated and cranky, but I was determined to make the day my own again – without spending any money. By 10 p.m., I had succeeded. Continue reading “Six Steps to Reclaiming a Shitty Day”

Tubman on the 20!

By Lauren Linhard –

The $20 bill became invaluable to the women and minority equality movements this past week with the announcement that Harriet Tubman would be the new face on the front of the bill. The infamous abolitionist will replace President Andrew Jackson. Continue reading “Tubman on the 20!”

What could you buy with equal pay?

By Becka Wall – @beckawall

Today is Equal Pay Day, the symbolic day when women’s overall earnings “catch-up” to men’s earnings from the previous year. Women are paid, on average, 79 cents to every dollar a man makes – but that’s just scratching the surface. Continue reading “What could you buy with equal pay?”

The Real Cost of Being a Bridesmaid

By Elizabeth Paal CFP®

Since the time when our parents said “I Do” the wedding industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar business, thriving on young women who’ve spent their lives fantasizing about that one special day they get to walk down the aisle in a white dress.  

The average wedding in the U.S. costs about $28,000, but that doesn’t include events leading up to the big day such as the engagement party, bridal shower or honeymoon. While the bride’s family may have a hefty bill at the end of the day, those picked to stand by her side as lovely bridesmaids also have a large price tag associated with their role. Continue reading “The Real Cost of Being a Bridesmaid”

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