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Dress to Impress: Taking Pride In Queer Fashion

Mandy Dean – Washington, D.C.

June isn’t just for poolside BBQs, extravagant summer travel and sangrias in the sand. June also marks the anniversary of  the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Manhattan, a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement here in the United States.

“Gay Pride Day,” originally a single celebration observed the last Sunday of June, has sparked an expansion of the holiday itself— and we now have series of events celebrating the LGBTQ community.

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5 Groups to Give To this Pride Month

Becka Wall | @beckawall

Society has made great strides in treating those in the LGBTQ community with dignity and respect – in 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was legal in the united states, proclaiming that “love is love.”

It was a beautiful moment in U.S. politics – with couples crying, rushing to wed, and celebrating outside the Supreme Court.

But the fight for equality isn’t over.

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Feminist movies for your next Netflix marathon

Becka Wall – @beckawall

It’s Friday at 5 PM. You’re wiped from battling the patriarchy all week and cancelled all your plans for the evening. Your Thai food order is placed and your glass of wine is poured. Now the questions that plagues us all: what should I watch?

If you’re ready for something to empower you to keep resisting, fear not. We’ve got you covered.

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Ellevest Empowers Financial Investing for Women

By Mandy Dean — Washington, D.C.

When it comes to investing money and setting financial goals, millennials are behind. But most alarming is the difference in which young men and women approach their own financial planning. Though equally educated, women are often met with different workplace realities than men – fewer opportunities for promotion or advancement and, of course, that pesky phenomenon known as the “gender pay gap” – thus they find investing earnings using the same strategies as men can be less than beneficial.

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#WorthIt: Get Cool Stuff and Give to Planned Parenthood

Becka Wall – @beckawall

President Trump recently signed a bill allowing states to withhold Title X funding, which goes toward family planning clinics, from any clinic that provides abortion – particularly Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest reproductive health care provider. Four million people depend on Title X clinics, and 1.5 million of those depend directly on Planned Parenthood for everything from STI testing, pap smears, affordable birth control, cancer screenings and yes – abortion.

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#WorthIt: A Better Commute

Becka Wall – @beckawall

Commuting to work is easily the most annoying part of anyone’s day. You have to wake up an hour early, schlep through traffic or public transport to get to a place you have to work all day. Booo. But what if you had a few things to make your commute something to look forward to?

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#WorthIt: Cookbooks that will make you want to cook more

Becka Wall – @beckawall

I LOVE to eat and I love to cook. Don’t you love when your hobbies go hand-in-hand like that? Not to brag, but I have a fairly impressive collection of cookbooks – and the ones below have become my go-to for recipes perfect for every occasion., They encouraged me to cook more and eat healthier – or at the very least, add whole wheat flour to my brownies. 😉

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#WorthIt: Get Organized in the New Year

Becka Wall – @beckawall

You’ve unceremoniously kicked 2016 to the curb and are ready to take on 2017. Now it’s time to get organized and make the most of it! Here are a few items to add to your post-holiday sale shopping list to make every day #worthit. Continue reading “#WorthIt: Get Organized in the New Year”

Gift Subscription Packages that Make a Difference

Becka Wall – @beckawall

Fact: getting packages is fun. Double fact: Getting packages regularly is twice as fun.

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage and for good reason: it’s fun to get packages, especially when it’s chock full of surprises every time. These boxes don’t just deliver – they help make a difference in the world. Continue reading “Gift Subscription Packages that Make a Difference”

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