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Relationship Contracts are for More than Kink

By Ky’lea Wright – Baltimore, MD

With the rise of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and other “mommy porn” books, the idea of relationship contracts might not seem that crazy if you’re looking to add a little spice to your between-the-sheets life. However, for those of us who still walk on the vanilla side of the bedroom, a relationship contract might seem a little far fetched. Continue reading “Relationship Contracts are for More than Kink”

Women Business Owners to Rock Out 2016

By Lauren Linhard  –

The idea of working for yourself may sound glamorous, but there needs to be something stronger behind the decision than that to make it stick, said Lara Custer, owner of Barrevolution in Timonium, MD.

There has to be a stronger motivation, more personal “whys,” that push you to work 60-hour weeks, build a responsible staff, develop a digital presence and sink everything you have into a dream, she said. Continue reading “Women Business Owners to Rock Out 2016”

Smelling like Fish and Living the Dream

By Lauren Linhard –

Karen Schilling looked over her shoulder at the kids crowding around the dolphin pool and smiled.

She used to be one of those elementary students, oohing and aahing at the dolphins, asking how she could grow-up to be a trainer. Fast forward 20-some years later, and here she is – fielding questions about her dream job as a marine mammal aide at the National Aquarium and throwing smelly jelly cubes into the dolphin tank. Continue reading “Smelling like Fish and Living the Dream”

My #BeforeIDie Bucket List

By Jamie Schafer – White Hall, MD

I was recently asked to create a bucket list. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s a list of things you want to do/see/accomplish before you “kick the bucket.” At first I was excited and giddy at the idea, but the more I thought about (or over thought) the ideas on my list, I started to panic. Continue reading “My #BeforeIDie Bucket List”

Star Wars: The Feminist Fandom Force Awakens

By Ashley Joyce – Washington, DC

NOTE: This article includes spoilers for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

On a lazy Sunday in 2011, a diverse group convened at my friends’ apartment for a “Star Wars” movie marathon. I arrived toward the end of “A New Hope,” wearing an “Empire Strikes Back” t-shirt I purchased on a whim at H&M. After putting my beer in the fridge, I started meeting some of the new faces in attendance. One guy – let’s call him Brian – shook my hand, and said, in a tone of awe and disbelief, “I’ve never met a girl who liked ‘Star Wars’ before.” It was an innocent comment, but it was so patently ridiculous the room erupted in embarrassed laughter. Continue reading “Star Wars: The Feminist Fandom Force Awakens”

5 Stones All Women Should Own in 2016

By Sarah Amendola –

Is there a certain necklace you reach for on days you want to feel more confident? Or maybe a favorite ring picked out because it reminds you to be true to yourself? You’re not alone – minerals, like silver and gold, or stones and crystals have long been believed to possess metaphysical properties, and we’re drawn to them for different reasons. There are thousands of such variations naturally created all over the world, but here are five that every woman should have for that extra oomph of awesomeness. Continue reading “5 Stones All Women Should Own in 2016”

Going the Distance

By Becky Yep – Philadelphia, PA

Four years ago, my boyfriend and I met in our college dining hall through mutual friends, and immediately bonded over our shared hatred of Tom Brady. It was a match made in hog heaven, where the hog was a pigskin and the pearly gates were the doors of our university cafeteria. Continue reading “Going the Distance”

What 20-Somethings Really Want for the Holidays

By Lauren Linhard –

There are generally two types of 20-somethings you are buying for this holiday season – those who have enough money to buy things as they want or need them, or those buried under debt and have no use for another pair of socks or movie poster.

How do you, as the gift-giver, ride that thin line between something your loved one will like, but doesn’t need, and something they need, but won’t like? Continue reading “What 20-Somethings Really Want for the Holidays”

This Toy Aisle Does Not Define Me

By Lauren Linhard –

My 11-year-old cousin Claire and I simultaneously reached for the lightsabers and began the battle of a lifetime. But it was only after we cut off each other’s limbs and returned our weapons to the shelf that it felt like she cut out my heart.

“Of course these are in the boy’s section,” she said sadly, putting her lightsaber back. Continue reading “This Toy Aisle Does Not Define Me”

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