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Dress to Impress: Taking Pride In Queer Fashion

Mandy Dean – Washington, D.C.

June isn’t just for poolside BBQs, extravagant summer travel and sangrias in the sand. June also marks the anniversary of  the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Manhattan, a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement here in the United States.

“Gay Pride Day,” originally a single celebration observed the last Sunday of June, has sparked an expansion of the holiday itself— and we now have series of events celebrating the LGBTQ community.

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Safe Bars Program Teaches Bartenders Sexual Harassment Intervention

By Mandy Dean – Washington, DC

You’re ready.

Your phone—charged. Your hair—straightened. Your outfit—on fleek. The DC bar scene ain’t ready for your shine tonight, girl. Meeting your college friend for drinks downtown is just what you need after a long week of office hustle.

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5 Ways You Can Honor #DayWithoutAWoman

Becka Wall – @beckawall

The Women’s March has announced the next day of collective action is today. The organizers behind the event are calling for women across the country to go on strike, showing the country where it would be without the contributions of women to society.

If striking isn’t an option for you, never fear. There are other ways to support the movement:

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How to be an Ally in a Time of Fear

Nick Nelson – Alexandria, VA

For many of us, this has been a rough couple of weeks.The election didn’t go the way many of us expected, and even more of us had hoped. The decisions of the electoral college left many in fear, and the actions of some unfortunate folks in this country have left far too many people afraid for their lives and freedom to live as a member of their respective cultures.

As an upper-class, white cis male, I have to admit I’m coming out ahead in the bargain. However, because I was born with a conscience and raised with values, and because no one can ever be judged at face value, I’m terrified. Continue reading “How to be an Ally in a Time of Fear”

Therapy: A Personal Maintenance Check

By Jamie Schafer – White Hall, MD

It’s hard to convey to someone why they need something, especially when it’s something that heals internally with difficult to see progress. Therapy has such a negative connotation as is, trying to convince someone it will help often falls on deaf ears before a point can even be made.

I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was a toddler – so for me, therapy is normal. It’s like going for an emotional check-up whenever I need it. Friend issues, anxiety, daddy drama, financial stressors, over-thinking and crazy-double-life ex-boyfriend are just some of the topics I’ve discussed. Continue reading “Therapy: A Personal Maintenance Check”

Documentary creates modern fairytale of real-world struggles

By Lauren Linhard –

Our favorite fairytale characters found their way into our hearts by overcoming evil queens, fighting dragons and outsmarting a big bad wolf. But what would “once upon a time” look like if such fantasy obstacles were replaced with challenges found in the real world?

Amateur film director Angie Kupper, 28, answers that question in her upcoming documentary “Finding Your Fairytale,” a film that tells the story of 13 modern-day fairytales and how they found their happily ever after. Continue reading “Documentary creates modern fairytale of real-world struggles”

France Blames Feminism for Bathing Suit Ban

By Lauren Linhard –

There’s the bikini, the tankini and now the burkini – a swimming garment worn by Muslim women to cover everything but the feet, face and hands. However, beach towns in France have started banning the new style, incorrectly citing feminism as the underlying reason for such legal action. Continue reading “France Blames Feminism for Bathing Suit Ban”

75 Years Later ‘Wonder Woman’ Gets Her Spotlight

By Lauren Linhard –

Wonder Woman was welcomed to the pages of DC Comics by heralded superheros Batman and Superman in 1941. Though she was the company’s solution to the blood and violence it was accused of promoting, she represented “a great movement now underway – the growth in the power of women” for Wonder Woman creator Dr. William Moulton Marston. Continue reading “75 Years Later ‘Wonder Woman’ Gets Her Spotlight”

Female Character to Replace Tony Stark as Iron Man

By Lauren Linhard –

Iron Man fans are in for a serious plot twist – Billionaire playboy Tony Stark is giving up his superhero role and being replaced by a young, black woman named Riri Williams.

Riri is a young scientist, attending M.I.T at age 15, who has already built her own Iron Man suit. Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis announced the character’s addition in early July, noting that Riri has already made an appearance in the latest issue of Iron Man comics. Continue reading “Female Character to Replace Tony Stark as Iron Man”

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