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Planned Parenthood’s 100th Anniversary: The fight for fundamental rights continues

Alison Channon – San Francisco, CA

Over the course of its hundred year history, Planned Parenthood has become synonymous with the fight for women’s rights. Birth control and abortion are the proxy for our society’s fight over women’s autonomy and the role of gender in modern society.

Today, we understand the same deep truth that Margaret Sanger understood 100 years ago – a woman cannot be free unless she has the fundamental right to bodily autonomy—final say of our own bodies. For us, in 2016, birth control and abortion are part and parcel of that fundamental right. But it wasn’t always so. Continue reading “Planned Parenthood’s 100th Anniversary: The fight for fundamental rights continues”

Stay Strong with the Ladies of “Strong”

By Lauren Linhard –

I was staring into the freezer last night, deciding whether to not to crack into the frozen chocolate muffins stored away as a special treat.

Then I heard the following from the television two rooms away: “I can’t do this. I’m a mom of four from the midwest – I raise babies.” My inner-feminist made me shut the freezer door in outrage at any woman thinking they couldn’t do something because they are a mom. Continue reading “Stay Strong with the Ladies of “Strong””

Running for Sanity

A National Women’s Health and Fitness Day special post!

By Becka Wall – @beckawall

It’s 6:30 a.m., and my alarm is relentless. I moan and hit the snooze button, as if in 10 minutes I’ll magically become a morning person (the type that leaps out of bed in unwrinkled pajamas because they are elegant and efficient sleepers, and just happen to have birds helping them do morning chores).

Ten minutes pass quicker than I’d like, but I get up to stretch. “Okay, B,I say to myself, moving into downward facing dog position, “Let’s do this.” I get dressed, lace up and hit the pavement.

Continue reading “Running for Sanity”

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