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Gift Subscription Packages that Make a Difference

Becka Wall – @beckawall

Fact: getting packages is fun. Double fact: Getting packages regularly is twice as fun.

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage and for good reason: it’s fun to get packages, especially when it’s chock full of surprises every time. These boxes don’t just deliver – they help make a difference in the world. Continue reading “Gift Subscription Packages that Make a Difference”


By Lauren Linhard-

Donald Trump didn’t win the presidential election because the American people choose him – he lost by 2.36 million votes. He won because he got the right votes in the right states to procure the most votes from the electoral college on Dec. 19, the day the President is formally chosen.

That means there is still time, and some are making a last-ditch effort to prevent Trump from taking the oath of office. Continue reading “#NotMyPresident…Yet”

Moxie Featured on AU Alum Website

As freshmen at AU, a mutual love of the musical Newsies brought Lauren Linhard, SOC/BA ’11, and Becka Wall, SOC/BA ’11, together as friends. Nearly a decade later, their friendship combined with a mutual passion for communications and women’s empowerment brought about the creation of Moxie Mag, an online magazine for women…..Read More

Me, Myself and Independence

By Alexis Cheney – @Alexis-Cheney

My previous post, “The Slums of Singlehood,” dives into the despair I have felt when single. This post, however, jumps into the joys of being unattached.



Locking eyes with a dashing stranger across a crowded room. Spinning into his arms on a dance floor.  Tossing witty quips back and forth. Flirting is fun! It’s also transformative. When flirting, I feel like a sexier, suaver and sassier version of my workday self. Since flirtation is most frequent in newer relationships, singletons have a number of opportunities to feel fierce if they embrace it. Continue reading “Me, Myself and Independence”

How to be an Ally in a Time of Fear

Nick Nelson – Alexandria, VA

For many of us, this has been a rough couple of weeks.The election didn’t go the way many of us expected, and even more of us had hoped. The decisions of the electoral college left many in fear, and the actions of some unfortunate folks in this country have left far too many people afraid for their lives and freedom to live as a member of their respective cultures.

As an upper-class, white cis male, I have to admit I’m coming out ahead in the bargain. However, because I was born with a conscience and raised with values, and because no one can ever be judged at face value, I’m terrified. Continue reading “How to be an Ally in a Time of Fear”

Stats Say Men Confuse Cold Shoulder for Invitation

By Elaina Moradi – Moxie Intern

Sporting a black tank top and jeans, college student Marissa Samilow heads out for a night at the bars with her friends. Like most college-town bars, the sticky floors and loud music set the scene for a typical night out.

“I wouldn’t say I come out to the bars to find a guy,” said Samilow, who said going out is her way of unwinding after a long week. “I like getting dressed up and having a fun time with my girlfriends.”

For the 21+ crowd like Samilow, the bar scene is a prime spot for socialization on the weekends between dancing (sometimes horribly) to the top 50, hanging out with friends or hoping to meet somebody new. Continue reading “Stats Say Men Confuse Cold Shoulder for Invitation”

#WorthIt: Things that will make you #adult so hard

Becka Wall – @beckawall

Handling this crazy business known as adulthood doesn’t have to be just paying bills, cleaning house and going to work. Sometimes growing up means you get to treat yourself to some super fun, and also totally useful items that make life a little easier. Continue reading “#WorthIt: Things that will make you #adult so hard”

‘Good Girls Revolt’ Reflects Every Feminist

By Lauren Linhard –

The fight for gender equality wasn’t triggered by one person or one story. It gained strength over time as women of different backgrounds and experiences came together around the same goal – to demand the same opportunities men have.

“Good Girls Revolt,” a new series from Amazon about the female employees of a national magazine in the late 1960s, stays true to the diverse history of stories that grew the women’s movement into the continuing force it is now. Continue reading “‘Good Girls Revolt’ Reflects Every Feminist”

Harvard Ends Men’s Soccer Season for Sexual Misconduct

By Elaina Moradi – Moxie Intern

Harvard University cancelled the remaining games in the men’s soccer season after the discovery of a document in which the men’s team judged the women’s soccer members on their appearances.

The document, called “The Scouting Report,” assigned each woman a numerical rating, nickname and sexual position.The document was revealed by the “Harvard Crimson” and was immediately brought to the attention of major media outlets. Continue reading “Harvard Ends Men’s Soccer Season for Sexual Misconduct”

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