Becka Wall – @beckawall

Commuting to work is easily the most annoying part of anyone’s day. You have to wake up an hour early, schlep through traffic or public transport to get to a place you have to work all day. Booo. But what if you had a few things to make your commute something to look forward to?

Spotify Premium, $10/Month

Getting sick of radio commercials and don’t have the attention span for a podcast on the road? Spotify Premium can help with that. Enjoy playlists according to your mood and activity, as well as full albums of every artist under the sun so you can listen to whatever strikes your fancy.


Noise canceling headphones, $35 on Amazon

Does public transportation make you feel like a sardine, crammed into an uncomfortable subway car? Noise-canceling headphones can help you zone out and find your happy place.


Stylish walking sneakers, price varies

Running shoes are bulky and hard to shove in your purse or backpack. Invest in a pair of Keds or other comfy, but slim sneakers so you can run to catch that bus or train. Have a walking commute? Slip some arches into these sneakers to make a long walk something to look forward to.