Becka Wall – @beckawall

The Women’s March has announced the next day of collective action is today. The organizers behind the event are calling for women across the country to go on strike, showing the country where it would be without the contributions of women to society.

If striking isn’t an option for you, never fear. There are other ways to support the movement:

    1. Share photos online of what your city or town looks like with half the population on strike, using the hashtag, #DayWithoutAWoman. Being out and about that day gives you the ability to document how weird it is to see half of your bus empty or your office sparsely populated.
    2. Donate to groups fighting for gender equality. Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Center for Reproductive Rights, the National Women’s Law Center, Sister Song and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health are great places to start.
    3. Wear your favorite feminist swag. Wear that “The Future is Female” shirt and “We Can Do It!” pin with pride while you’re at work or doing what you have to do on March 8.
    4. Read an article or listen to a podcast about feminism. Over the next couple of weeks, bookmark podcasts and articles that will expand your knowledge about feminism, intersectionality and equality—and make sure to include material about other marginalized groups, like immigrants, people of color and LGBTQ. Then take some time on Day Without A Woman to take in as much of that information in as possible.
    5. Reach out to the women in your life and thank them. The drive behind #DayWithoutAWoman is to appreciate how much women contribute to our families, our economy and our society as a whole. Call your mom, aunt or best friend and thank them for everything they do.

How are you planning on marking the #DayWithoutAWoman? Let us know!