Becka Wall – @beckawall

I LOVE to eat and I love to cook. Don’t you love when your hobbies go hand-in-hand like that? Not to brag, but I have a fairly impressive collection of cookbooks – and the ones below have become my go-to for recipes perfect for every occasion., They encouraged me to cook more and eat healthier – or at the very least, add whole wheat flour to my brownies. 😉

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, $21.08 on Amazon


Deb Perlman is my kitchen goddess. She is a #RealPerson, meaning she wants her recipes to be easy to understand and easy to make – and she works diligently to make sure that’s the case. She is the one who taught me to make my own dough for pizza and flatbreads, the creator of the perfect recipe for Rice Krispy Treats (The secret? Browned butter and sea salt) and blew my mind with the best challah recipe I’ve found thus far. You will not be sorry you bought her cookbook.

Sheet Pan Suppers, $10.63 on Amazon


You hate doing the dishes, I know (And if you don’t, please come over to my house anytime and do my dishes for me). The secret? A sheet pan supper – do a little bit of prep, throw everything on the pan, and you have a full, delicious meal ready to go with only one pan and two plates to wash. Bada bing bada boom.

Jerusalem, $21.08 on Amazon


Spending too much money on takeout from your favorite Lebanese place? Fear not: Jerusalem to the rescue. These recipes are fresh, flavorful and easy to cook. My favorite is the Medraja, a lentils, rice and fried onions dish that works great as a side or even as a main dish when you saute up some chicken sausage and kale. NOMS.