By Lauren Linhard –

The holiday season is officially over and the season of New Year’s resolutions has taken it’s place. Among the weight loss, budgeting and new career goals set for 2017, you might be a single lady planning to expand your dating game.

The easiest way to jump start this specific resolution is to create an online dating profile. Let’s face it, we’d all rather meet someone in person, but the more than 49,000,000 people using online dating ups the ante for you to meet your special someone….and most likely a whole lot of other someones along the way.

The Fuck Boy

He’s looking for a hookup and a good time. You’re more likely to grab drinks and make out in his car than to be treated to a romantic night out. When you start chatting his conversation topics will lean heavily toward sex and he’ll pretend he was joking after you hesitate to his request for dirty pics. There’s nothing wrong with a guy who knows what he wants, as long as you know what you want as well – a good time or a relationship. Be honest with yourself, and with him. Don’t play along because you’re not sure what to do.

The Shy Guy

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He lets you take the lead and is open about his shy nature and insecurities. He prefers a delightfully introverted night at home rather than a evening on the town, even if he tries the latter for you. If you’re a woman who enjoys steering the love boat, making the first move and planning the date, then great! Otherwise, you may get bored quick.

The Relationship Lover

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Shocker! Here’s a guy who is honestly using the app to find love. He’s looking for a relationship and is ready to fall into that pattern of mutual dependency. But are you? Are you ready to receive “check in” texts and talk about the future – sometimes even before meeting in person? If not, this is not the guy for you. Suffocation is a real possibility if you aren’t ready to dive into a relationship.

The Child

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He may be the same age, but his personality isn’t. He still brags about how drunk he was last night like it was a major achievement, lacks motivation toward all “adult” responsibilities, refuses to use the real names for female body parts and regularly sleeps until noon. He may also be the sweetest guy you ever meet who can remind you how to embrace last minute plans, dreams too big for reality and how delicious Taco Bell is.

The Mr. Always Right

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It’s easy to get him confused with Mr. Right because of his tendency toward extravagant gifts, dinner dates, dependable communication and take-charge personality. Eventually, though, it dawns on you that you can’t get a word in edgewise, you rarely get a say in the decision making and he is quick to judge things he doesn’t like.

There are so many men out there, and this is just a few of the types you may come across while searching for your one and only. The best way not to get overwhelmed? Before making your dating profile, take some time to decide what you really want going into this.

If you’re looking to have some non-committed fun, that’s cool. If you’re ready to settle down, that’s awesome. If you’re looking to escape the adult world for a little while, go for it. There is no wrong answer here as long as it’s the honest one.