Becka Wall – @beckawall

Handling this crazy business known as adulthood doesn’t have to be just paying bills, cleaning house and going to work. Sometimes growing up means you get to treat yourself to some super fun, and also totally useful items that make life a little easier.

Asus Chromebook, $180 on Amazon


When it comes to packing for a weekend or short trip, I always face a conundrum: should I bring my laptop? Once I bought a chromebook, I no longer had to ask – since it’s so light and small, I can just throw it in a totebag or backpack without having to think too hard about it. The battery lasts forever too!

Shatter-Resistant Stemless Wine Glasses, $11.95 on Amazon


In the past six months, I have broken all four of my stemless wine glasses. OOOPS. I was looking for a replacement and found these beauties – which have withstood even my slipperiest, tipsiest of fingers

Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker, $13.99 on Amazon


When I was a kid, my parents listened to NPR at full volume as we got ready in the morning. It played in their bathroom, bedroom, kitchen…and it became a way I knew the day got started. But where my parents had to use a giant waterproof radio, I get to use a cute little blue pod. PROGRESS!