Alisa Morse – Overland Park, KS

We all know that women kick ass. It’s just a fact. I grew up in a family full of women who defied societal norms and broke barriers. That example has spurred my desire to uplift the women in my life and eventually led me to embark on a long-term video project for the women of my home state, Kansas.

Two years ago I began interviewing the women lawyers, judges and justices of Kansas in an effort to catalog their histories. I heard stories of change, stories of discrimination and stories of hope. What started with these two short videos has grown into a multi state, multi year project. Here are just a few of the stories I’ve recorded:

Don’t they make you feel like you could achieve anything!?

I’m not denying there are some major topics to address in our legal system, but I also cannot deny  these women are putting their heart and soul into their communities.

For more information about these women,  visit their YouTube page Kansas Women Attorneys Project or Kansas Women Attorneys Association.