Becka Wall | @beckawall

When I was 10, I had a distinct vision of what adulthood would be like: candy all the time. Staying up late. Not having to come home for dinner. Going wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Pizza whenever I felt like it.

While I do have pizza whenever I feel like it (life is too short to deny a pizza craving, my friends), I’ve noticed life is a little… different than I pictured when I was 10. I’ve developed an intense appreciation for a few key things I never would have imagined:

  • Having no plans and going straight home. At the end of a long work day, there is nothing better than going straight home, putting on your sweats, flipping on Netflix and making yourself a delicious dinner.
  • Going to bed on time. The sheer sense of satisfaction I get from clicking my light off at 10:30 p.m. on the nose and getting a neat eight hours of sleep is matched by few other things in this world. I feel like my life is in order.


  • Eating healthy, balanced meals. Regular poops FTW.
  • Talking to my mom. My mom and I have always had a good relationship, but if you had asked me at age 10 – the start of my angsty years – I would have told you I’d only call my mom as an adult when needed, not every single day just because I thought the photo she sent of my cousin and my dog was way too cute.
  • Waking up early on a Saturday. Guys, this past Saturday I woke up, went for a run, ate a healthy breakfast and took a shower all before noon. It was the best.
  • Crossword puzzles. I used to roll my eyes at my Dad constantly pulling out crossword puzzles on trains and at breakfast, but 16 years later I gotta admit – Dad was onto something with this one.

What things would 10 year old you be surprised by today?