By Lauren Linhard –

I was staring into the freezer last night, deciding whether to not to crack into the frozen chocolate muffins stored away as a special treat.

Then I heard the following from the television two rooms away: “I can’t do this. I’m a mom of four from the midwest – I raise babies.” My inner-feminist made me shut the freezer door in outrage at any woman thinking they couldn’t do something because they are a mom.

Her name is Jill May and she is one of 10 women competing on NBC’s new show “Strong,” a fitness competition that pairs 10 regular women with 10 of the world’s most elite male trainers. Sounds familiar right? Get ready for the plot twist – this show isn’t about losing weight, it’s about finding the balance of mind and body to achieve a new level of personal strength.


Over the next hour, I  forgot completely about my chocolate muffin craving by watching each of the 10 women transform in front of my eyes. I was amazed and inspired by the strength of these women doing leg presses to lift their more than 200 pound partners or rocking inverted sit-ups to toss a ball in a basket.

The best part – not a single one of them gave up. It was amazing to hear the “I can’t” become “Holy crap, I just did that” as the two challenges per episode commenced.

And I didn’t have to sit through some unjust voting off process where, inevitably, a person who deserves to be on the show has to leave. Instead the team that won the challenge picks a team to go head-to-head with the losing team on an elimination strength and cardio challenge referred to as “The Tower.” The team that truly gives their all lives to train another day.


What really resonates about this show is the teamwork involved. The trainers aren’t just bystanders, they are actively training with their partner and competing in challenges alongside them. It creates a level of trust, accountability and drive other “weight loss” or “healthy challenge” shows don’t consider.

I invite you to join the Strong team with me every Thursday at 8 p.m. (EST). Make it a personal goal to work out at least three times a week, including Thursdays before the show starts. Let’s be accountable to each other and find our own personal strength – also known as the “Holy crap, I can do this” attitude.