By Lauren Linhard –

There are some new heroes on the comic book block, and they don’t need a cape or bright-colored spandex to save the world. The ladies of the “Female Force” have a voice for change that isn’t afraid to be heard.

Since 2008, Storm Entertainment has been chronically the origin story of more than 60 infamous women who have taken on sexism, inequality and other injustices to make the world a better place for women.

The latest installment in the series, featuring Sen. Elizabeth Warren, was released in April. Her story begins in the early days of school and raising a family before detailing her involvement in politics as an architect of President Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and a state senator.

The motivation behind this particular story was to show readers you can achieve any goal through hard work, said publisher Darren Davis. The idea was to show how a woman can really have everything – a life and a career, he added.

“I want them to come away with something positive, a feeling of accomplishment. ‘I can follow in those footsteps, I can have a voice,’” said Davis, who credits his mom and friend Diana for his feminist outlook.

Excerpt from “Female Force: Elizabeth Warren” courtesy of Storm Comics.

Though early installments of the series were promoted as political memorabilia, the “Female Force” has expanded to include alternative types of heroes who have paved the way for women in all areas of the world – chef Julia Child, actress Angelina Jolie, writer Anne Rice and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, for example.

The series is about valuing a woman’s achievements over her attractiveness, Davis said. Some issues have even been used to raise awareness and funds for causes like mental health and breast cancer.

“Female Force is my first love because I feel it makes a difference,” Davis said. “We always tell the stories in a positive light and how the subjects learned from the difficulty. It shows people they can be anything they want to be and empowers them.”