By Lauren Linhard –

Picture this: You can have dinner with any current presidential candidates. Would you smile at your respective favorite – Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Kasich or Cruz – and invite them to dine, or veto all of the above for a night in?

Courtesy of Refinery 29.

Chances are, for at least for 40 percent of millennial women, you’d be doling out the rejection hotline to all the 2016 presidential candidates. Why? Because they aren’t inspiring enough to deserve the vote, or dinner out for that matter.

Of 566 millennial women polled across the U.S.,47 percent said none of the presidential candidates inspire them. Why waste your time trying to make conversation over a glass of wine, said 49 percent, when none of the issues that matter will be addressed?

While issues like the economy, healthcare and terrorism are important across the board, the majority of millennial women (42 percent) are specifically concerned with student loan debt and economic inequality – two issues they are concerned will be swept under the rug once a candidate takes office.

Courtesy of Refinery 29.

Good news is, regardless of what many millennial women consider slim pickings, seven out of 10 women said they will most likely vote in this election, if for no other reason other than the simple fact that Donald Trump scares 63 percent of them.

Breaking down the millennial women vote – an estimated 13 percent of the electorate – 35 percent plan to vote for Bernie Sanders, while 25 percent will vote for Hillary Clinton, 8 percent for Trump and 6 percent for Cruz. The remaining 18 percent have no opinion.


What do you think? Do you agree with the numbers or are you backing a specific candidate? Tell us who you think has the moxie to win this election!