By Becka Wall | @beckawall

There are some days and weeks where it feels like everything’s just falling apart. You can’t find your keys, you forgot about a meeting, you forgot something major at work – and you say to yourself, “Gosh. I wish there was a product that could help me keep my life more organized.”

I have great news for you: There is. Here are five things that will help you know where (almost) everything is and, at the very least, will make you feel better about how organized you are.

  1. Key ring with mail holder, $12.87 on Amazon


It’s simple: Hang it next to your door, always put your keys and mail there right when you walk in, and you’ll know exactly where they are right when you walk out. Save yourself 5 minutes looking for them in the morning!

2. Boomerang, Free


This app is free, and allows you to schedule e-mails or make e-mail remind you to answer a certain e-mail at a certain day or time. Goodbye, forgetting to follow up!

3. An expanding file folder, $5.49 on Amazon


One thing nobody told me about becoming an adult is how many random papers you accumulate over time. Bank statements, user guides for electronics, receipts …. So. Much. Paper. My expanding file folders allows me to file it all away and slide it back in a box, so that I don’t have an unwieldy stack of papers or a bulky file cabinet.

4. A stash of birthday cards and thank you cards, $14.99 for 16 birthday cards and $11.50 for 10 thank you cards, Paper Source


There’s nothing like an old-fashioned card to thank someone for a generous gift or to wish them a happy birthday with a heartfelt note. Keep one box of these at your desk at work and at home, and you’ll never have to be sans birthday or thank you cards again. Plus, you’ll save money by buying them in bulk instead of last-minute at CVS!

5. Only one calendar that you regularly check & rely on.


We’ve all done it – forgotten to write something down, or accidentally have it on our work google calendar when we meant to put it on our personal one. Pick your favorite calendar – google calendar, Outlook, iPhone, old school paper, whatever – and set aside 20 minutes every weekend to make sure it’s up-to-date for the week ahead and what’s going on.