Becka Wall | @beckawall

Work sucks. But it doesn’t have to.



Our long workdays spent sitting at desks and always on-call culture is killing us. Americans work more than any other industrialized country and we’re checking our e-mail ALL THE TIME – on the weekend, when we’re out sick and even on vacation.

But you – and all of us – have the power to change this.

A recent study showed that our generation wants a work-life balance, and they want to work for companies that value that. So I’m going to suggest something radical – let’s ask for it.

Let’s go to our H.R. departments and discuss enacting better Paid Family Leave policies. Let’s stop checking our work e-mail after 8 PM and check it sparingly on the weekends, only responding when we absolutely need to. Out sick? Stop working and allow yourself the time and space away from work to rest and get better.


Let’s get up mid-day and go for a walk. Be sure to truly take our vacation and sick time. Labor unions fought long and hard for the right for all of us to take a break, eat lunch, leave work at 5 PM and rest 2 days a week. Let’s honor their legacy and take a deep breath.