by Becka Wall | @beckawall

“This is the story of the amazing women around the world who are making the world a better place.”

So begins the first episode of the new podcast Beyond The Ceiling, from Christy Carter, Claire Gould and Katie Breslin.

The podcast launched last week, with their first episode, “Social Change through Poetry”, focusing on Charity Blackwell, a Washington, D.C. poet who channels her words and art into activism.

Right away, I was hooked. Carter and Breslin asked incisive, smart questions that allowed Blackwell to give clear answers and also elaborate and mold the conversation in her own way. And that’s exactly what the podcast feels like – a conversation. Like I’m sitting in the living room with my friends.


Blackwell herself is a treat to listen to. She’s relatable and hilarious – when she tells the story of how she was asked to host the National Poetry Slam, she couldn’t stop laughing. “I said, let me check. I had nothing to check. I was like, ‘I’m free!’”

Blackwell said she believes that poetry can affect social change. “What I do is deeper than just words, nice flow, putting the sentence or stanzas together. I really feel words are powerful.”

After only about 20 minutes, I felt inspired, energized, and ready to take on the world. I can’t wait to see what Beyond The Ceiling covers this week.

You can download Beyond The Ceiling on iTunes or follow them on SoundCloud.