By Becka Wall – @beckawall

Last Wednesday, I woke up at 5:30 a.m., put on four layers of clothes, made some toast, grabbed a very large coffee and got in a cab to go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Why did I wake up at such an ungodly hour and stand outside for six hours in the cold?

Because I trust you.

I trust you to make your own decisions about your health, body, life and future. I will fight like hell for you to decide if you want kids, or when you want to have them or who you want to have them with. Deciding to carry a pregnancy and/or become a parent isn’t like deciding what to have for lunch, or whether to have a glass of red or white wine at happy hour. It comes with mental and physical health risks, tremendous responsibility, financial concerns and huge lifestyle changes. I trust that you’ll think through all those things before you make the decision to have an abortion.

I have this radical idea in my head that women are people, and they deserve respect and privacy just like everyone else. CRAZY, RIGHT?!

Anti-choice politicians and extremists are actively trying to take away your right to a safe, legal, accessible abortion. They’re enacting these crazy laws, called TRAP laws (targeted regulation of abortion providers), designed to shut down clinics. An extreme, draconian Texas version of these laws went before the Supreme Court on March 2 in the case Whole Womans Health v. Hellerstedt.

That’s right, Admiral Ackbar – it is a trap. One that these people are hoping will close most of the clinics in, not only the state of Texas, but across the country. Across the country, 44 states and D.C. have some version of a TRAP law, and if the Texas law is allowed to stand, it’s essentially permission for state legislatures to shut down abortion clinics with sham laws to protect “women’s health” by taking away access to health care.

It’s frustrating, I know.

I get up at ridiculously early hours and stand in the cold because I think these laws are bullshit.

Because I believe in empathetic, understanding, realistic laws that treat women like the adults they are.

Because I trust you. You are a smart, independent person who can decide for your own damn self whether and when to become a parent. You don’t need the help from a bunch of Texas politicians or judgmental extremists.

Want to take action? Follow pro-choice organizations like Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the Center for Reproductive Rights, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and Whole Woman’s Health (the plaintiff in the case!) for more updates.