By Lauren Linhard –

Sex should be a toe-curling, back-arching, orgasmic good time. If not always, then almost always. But often it’s one of the first activities sacrificed when “life gets in the way.” This phrase, my friends, is the gateway drug to a monotonous, repetitive and, sometimes, totally forgotten sex life.

So what are you to do when your once tie-me-up-turn-me-on bedroom explorations have become more like “Netflix and chill” every few weeks? Make a Honey Do Me List.

Start by writing down things you and your partner have done in the past you’d like to repeat. It could be anything from waking each other up in the morning with a few pleasurable kisses (on which part of the body is up to you) to pulling out that black dominatrix corset you buried in the closet or making love in the rain. Take some time to remember what those original turn-ons were. Can’t go wrong with the classics.

Now’s your chance to get a little adventurous and start adding things you’d like to try. Have you ever wanted to have sex on the dining room table? What about incorporating blindfolds and bondage? Or maybe try a little roleplaying? Write that shit down. Now is the time to be honest about your sexual curiosities. Don’t be shy.

Add your signature! It may seem like a silly detail, but this is you committing to your sexual wants and needs. It represents all the self-confidence, curiosity, excitement and value it takes to create a Honey Do Me List. You deserve an excellent sex life, and so does your partner.

5_FotorAnd now the hard part (pun intended) – sharing the list with your partner. Communication is key to any relationship, and is especially important in a sexual one. Pick a night for just the two of you, when “life” won’t get in the way, and go over the Honey Do Me List. Circle things your partner expresses interest in and discuss things they may be more hesitant about. Remember – they want to please you too, and knowing what you want is part of that.