Becka Wall | @beckawall

Ah, winter. The season for ice skating, snowball fights …. and “Netflix and Chill.” What could be better than inviting over some of your favorite feminists and spending a few hours cuddled up with snacks, movies and feminist theory.

For a Good Time, Call…

Summary: Two girls with polar opposite personalities come together when they start a small business – a phone sex line.

Themes: Owning your sexuality; friendships; lady CEOs; the male gaze

Snacks: “For a Good Time, Call…” is colorful, peppy and fun. Stock your snack pile with lots of fruit and/or gummy candy, funfetti cupcakes and/or cookies.

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

Summary: Fearless Russian punk-rockers ignite a revolution and piss off Putin along the way.

Themes: Smashing the patriarchy; calling out shitheads; questioning systems of power

Snacks: Live like a real rock star with lots of pizza, beer, beef jerky and poptarts.

Miss Representation

Summary: The media uses completely messed-up stereotypes about women to keep them from gaining political or social power.

Themes: Critical thinking about our media, society and the world we live in; representations of women on screen MATTERS!; women in politics

Snacks: Keep it classier than those pundits on TV and serve some hors d’oeuvres –  a nice charcuterie board, or make the most of that frozen puff pastry by whipping up a butternut squash & prosciutto flatbread or some parmesan twists.

Tiny Furniture

Summary: The movie that made Lena Dunham famous centers around a young woman moving back in with her mother and sister after graduating college, and all the fun growing pains that come with it.

Themes: Relationships with mothers and sisters (biological or otherwise); what it means to be an adult; the thrill that comes with first jobs and paychecks.

Snacks: With your early 20s comes one very important thing – an appreciation for the beauty of pizza and wine. Nom accordingly.

A League of Their Own

Summary: The first female baseball league in the 1940s was full of strong, smart women – and nobody expected them to succeed.

Themes: Friendship; relationships with men; breaking the glass ceiling; Tom Hanks flying off the handle; how hard it is to be a woman in a man’s game (or world. PATRIARCHY, am I right?).

Snacks: Go all-in on the baseball theme with popcorn, peanuts, cracker jacks and hot dogs.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Summary: Bridget decides it’s time to take control of her life – and start keeping a diary – which just so happens to chronicle her friendships, new love triangle, failed cooking attempts and valiant efforts to stop smoking.

Themes: Loving your body and your true self; all the awkward moments that come with career advancement; falling in love.

Snacks: Do Bridget proud and make your own Fish & Chips, with some pints to go on the side (Just stay away from her blue birthday soup concoction).

Mean Girls

Summary: Cady moves to America and has to start at a new school while learning about the jungle that is teenage friendship.

Themes: Teenage friendship; feminist a-ha moments; a society which makes young women feel they must compete with each other for attention.

Snacks: Swing by Dylan’s Candy Bar to pick up a version of the famous “Kalteen bar”, or pop up some popcorn with lots of butter – since butter is a carb.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Summary: Janey has always followed the orders of her strict Army father and stayed out of the spotlight, but when she moves to a new town, she decides to disobey her father and enter a TV dance competition.

Themes: Breaking the rules; deciding what’s best for yourself; friendships that make you grow.

Snacks: This is a full-on 80s movie, and perfect for a sleepover party. So tell your crew to bring their pillows, toothbrush and sleeping bags. Then stock up on some ice cream, cheesy snacks and takeout.

Gilmore Girls

Summary: A single mother raises her daughter in a quirky small-town in Connecticut (But you didn’t need that summary, did you?).

Themes: Mother/daughter relationships; paving your own path and future; the importance of female friendships to get through hard times.

Snacks: Do Lorelai proud and go all in. Get some twizzlers, marshmallows, pizza, chinese food and lots of chocolate.  

Jane the Virgin

Summary: Jane – an engaged virgin – is accidentally artificially inseminated with a different man’s sperm.

Themes: Mother/daughter relationships; the value society places on women’s chastity; how class, race and income can determine your life and opportunities and the difficulties of being a working mom (granted, in a telenovela world).

Snacks: Everytime they talk about making empanadas for dinner I start drooling. So whip up a batch of fresh beef empanadas.