By Sarah Amendola –

Is there a certain necklace you reach for on days you want to feel more confident? Or maybe a favorite ring picked out because it reminds you to be true to yourself? You’re not alone – minerals, like silver and gold, or stones and crystals have long been believed to possess metaphysical properties, and we’re drawn to them for different reasons. There are thousands of such variations naturally created all over the world, but here are five that every woman should have for that extra oomph of awesomeness.

moonMoonstone is strongly connected to the moon, and has relationships with moods, cycles and intuition.  This stone is known to help calm and balance the emotions, release tension caused by emotional stress, and can be used to calm hyperactive children. It’s  also helpful to the digestive and reproductive systems, and a good stone to have around for that “time of the month.”

roseRose Quartz is the stone for peace and love. It opens the heart, and helps with all aspects of love for yourself and others. Rose Quartz helps free you from worry, and comforts you in times of lost love, grief and can even help you  find that special someone. Some of the healing properties of Rose Quartz include strengthening of the heart and circulatory systems and increasing fertility.  

hematiteHematite is a strong stone which provides grounding and protection. This stone can help absorb and dissolve negativity, help you come to terms with mistakes and aid with addictions and compulsions of any kind. Hematite is helpful with circulation, circulatory and blood conditions. It is supportive of the kidneys and helps relieve leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia.

amethystAmethyst is a stone that brings clarity and calmness to the mind. It also stimulates the mind when needed, and can help in decision making. Amethyst opens intuition, can help you remember and understand dreams, and is a good stone to use during meditation. Amethyst is helpful in balancing the systems of the body. It eases headaches, helps reduce swelling and bruising, and helps boost the production of hormones.

aventurineAventurine is a stone of positivity, balance and prosperity. It releases emotional pain, cleanses negativity and reverses it into positive thought. Aventurine balances the male and female energy all people possess, and brings feelings of comfort and well being. It can help relieve migraines and skin and allergy irritations and benefits the nervous system.



Sarah owns Stones in the Maille jewelry company, specializing in semiprecious stones and chainmaille. Photo credit to Sarah Amendola.