Hi everyone,

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: MOXIE MAG HAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!

When we were juniors in college, we had this crazy idea over onion rings and milkshakes: What if we started a magazine that actually dealt with issues women are interested in? We mapped it all out, but after college we went our separate ways – one into digital media, and one into journalism. It was four years of trying to figure out our careers, ourselves and our relationships before we realized we weren’t the only ones going through this and we needed the magazine we had dreamt up years ago.

Our mission is to make this a non-judgemental space for women (like you!) to use their inner strength and take real-world issues head on – to find their Moxie.

Here’s how to help us spread the word of Moxie and keep the momentum going:

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Becka & Lauren